Catering for all learners

We are an inclusive educational facility that caters for all learners within the classroom environment.

All learners have specific learning needs relevant to their own academic level and ability. With groups of student learners gathered in class or even stage groups it is necessary to know each student personally and academically. It is imperative to know the capabilities of all the learners within the group. At St Joseph’s we pride ourselves on this very aspect of how we provide for the students within our care.

All learners have specific learning needs that are catered for through the planning of the teachers. Teachers are constantly differentiating their program to cater for the varying levels of ability within the classroom. Where the teachers determine that student learning needs require further than what the general differentiated teaching and learning program offers, Personalised Plans are developed for students requiring adjustments to the learning environment to cater for those needs. Parents are part of the team when personalised plans are developed, it is a collaborative effort including all stakeholders involved in the learning and development of the child.

We have a Response To Intervention policy that engages with our student improvement data to enable us to target specific learning needs across the school. The teaching teams that work within stages minimise student:teacher ratios and allow greater opportunity for explicit teaching to be delivered to students within smaller groups at their learning level.

We believe all children are learners, that they all can learn and that they all have the right to learn and access the curriculum in an appropriate setting that allows them the opportunity to succeed with their learning.