Learning Structures & Pedagogy

Class Structures

We are a co-educational Catholic primary school with a class per grade. We have straight classes K – 6. Classes also work within Stage groupings;

Early Stage 1 = Kindergarten

Stage 1 = Year 1 and Year 2

Stage 2 = Year 3 and Year 4

Stage 3 = Year 5 and Year 6



Research has shown that when teachers collaborate together there can be a marked improvement in student achievement and the overall satisfaction and confidence of a student’s learning potential.  

This is why St Joseph’s have adopted a co-teaching model throughout the school.  We combine the classes of a stage in carefully selected KLA’s. Teachers have formed stage teams to better cater for all ability levels and learning needs.  The 2 classroom teachers, an intervention teacher and a teacher’s aide will all be in the classroom supporting your child’s learning.

This year, St Joseph’s have teamed up with The Catholic Schools Office and Southern Cross University to embark on a research study involving the direct link of co-teaching and student achievement.  We are very excited to be at the forefront of innovative teaching and learning practices.


Flexible Learning Spaces

At St Joseph’s we want to prepare our children for the real world.  Gone are the days of being assigned desks and sitting in rows. Stage 2 and 3 students have the flexibility to choose where they work best.  Students are encouraged to take control of their learning. If they learn best by sitting on a couch with a laptop on their lap, they have the freedom to choose.  The class spaces are designed to encourage collaboration and flexibility while inspiring students (and teachers) to be creative. So just like the real world where you collaborate as part of a team, our students are learning these valuable skills now.