School Vision

Vision Statement

The St. Joseph’s School Community is called to be a partnership of home, school and parish all working together to:

  • ensure Gospel values, Scripture, Catholic tradition, support for the development of  self-esteem and mutual respect are experienced in all aspects of learning and life.
  • strive for excellence in education and for the provision of quality educational opportunities, which challenge and cater for each child’s individual abilities, needs and learning styles.
  • value the rights and responsibilities of everyone within firm guidelines.

Religious Goals

For the children to:

  • grow in their faith through knowledge and understanding of the beliefs, traditions and doctrine of the Catholic Church.
  • develop a deep awareness of Jesus Christ and a personal relationship with God.
  • live the values of the Gospels in their daily lives.

Educational Goals

For the children to:

  • develop high levels of competency in literacy and numeracy.
  • develop as reflective independent learners.
  • develop positive attitudes towards learning.
  • experience learning activities in all areas of the curriculum.
  • be given the opportunities to develop their potential through a wide experience of school life.

Social Goals

For the children to:

  • grow in self-esteem and self-confidence through positive school experiences.
  • experience and develop Christian behaviour in their relationships at school and in the community.
  • develop the ability to make personal decisions and life choices in keeping with their own stages of development and the community in which they live.

The school aims to provide a pleasant, stimulating environment, to encourage achievement at individual levels of growth, to compliment the educational efforts of parents, and to recognise the dignity of all.